Protecting your brand

At Wildbore & Gibbons LLP we have a team of expert Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys and highly experienced administrative staff who are  dedicated to offering our clients trade mark and brand protection advice.

How can we help you?

Corporate Clients

We advise on and support the work of in house Corporate Counsel and In house IP teams. Many of our clients have global Trade Mark portfolios and we can take the role of an integrated “in house” team or support in house personnel in their trade mark work. We are highly experienced in this key role and work closely with many clients across their entire brand portfolio. We take a very collaborative approach and tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. We have worked with many of our clients for long periods of time and are always keen to invest the time to understand the strategic nature of their business – whether that be across different jurisdictions of the world, potential growth markets or with the changing aspects of their business divisions.

SME clients

We offer smaller and medium sized enterprises a complete advice package as often they do not have a dedicated resource to look after their trade marks. We are very much focused on controlling expenditure and working with clients to understand their brand strategy and business challenges. Very often protecting their brand can be one of the most valuable areas to focus on.

Start Ups and “Growth Businesses”

We are particularly keen to work with exciting new businesses which are developing their brands. Comprehensive Trade Mark registration and brand protection can sometimes be overlooked by the enthusiastic and hard working new CEO who is often focused on running the operational side of the business. We have a great track record in controlling costs, developing filing strategies and working with growing companies – who recognise that their hard work on growing a new brand needs to include protecting their brand and its growing value for the future of their business.

We are always happy to discuss your brand protection and Trade Mark needs. We can also offer a Trade Mark Audit to review your brand protection and discuss your future needs. 

For further information about how we can work with you please feel free to contact John Kennedy

John Kennedy

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