Brand Value and Brand Protection 2017

The UK Intellectual Property Office publishes Fast Facts 2017. One key research statistic to highlight is that companies that apply for Trade Marks are on average 7% more productive than those that do not. Protecting your Brand.

1887-2017 130 Years of Trade Mark advice and Brand Protection

Wildbore & Gibbons LLP was founded in 1887. We have been advising clients with Trade Mark advice and protecting their brands for 130 years. We are one of the leading teams of Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys in the UK.

Protect your Brands for the future

The CITMA “Seal of quality”

CITMA Protecting Brands “Protecting IP rights is important for growth”

CITMA The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys 24th November 2016


The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys was launched on 24th November 2016. This follows ITMA’s Royal Charter being approved by Her Majesty The Queen at a meeting of the Privy Council at Windsor Castle and the Royal Charter receiving the Great Seal.

The Charter further enhances the role CITMA plays in the legal sector as the pre-eminent body for trade marks and designs in the UK, and acts as a seal of quality for our members helping IP owners distinguish Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys.

CITMA The Royal Charter