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Distinguishing Marks 130th Anniversary Edition 1887-217. We would like to thank all our clients, contacts and friends across the world for their comments and congratulations on our historic milestone.

Distinguishing Marks 130th Anniversary Edition 1


“Distinguishing Marks” focuses on the world of trade marks, brands and markets.

Summer Edition July 2017

Parody Trade Marks

Distinguishing Marks July 2017 Parody Trade Marks

From Overt to Covert Branding

Distinguishing Marks July 2017 From Overt to Covert Branding 1

The New Brand Challenge

Distinguishing Marks July 2017 From Exclusivity to Inclusivity 1

The Wildbore Roadshow. Bringing Brand Protection to Business.

Distinguishing Marks July 2017 Brand Protection Roadshow 1


February 2017

Wildbore & Gibbons LLP Team News

Promotions, qualifications and new recruits!

Distinguishing Marks February 2017 Wildbore Team News 1

Consumers vs Connoisseurs

Distinguishing Marks February 2017 Consumers vs Connoisseurs 111

Kream of the Kremlin?

Distinguishing Marks February 2017 Kream of the Kremlin 1

The Brand Launch Pad

Distinguishing Marks February 2017 The Brand Launch Pad 11


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March 2016  

New Names

Distinguishing Marks March 2016 New Names March 22nd

Distinguishing Marks.

February 2016

Distinguishing Marks February 2016 EUTM


October 2015

In the latest edition of Distinguishing Marks we examine legal changes, brand changes, furniture, chocolate and toys. If you have any comments or suggestions for future articles and features please feel free to approach the editorial team for a discussion.


Can Groovy Chocolate Slabs be Protected?

Distinguishing Marks Can groovy chocolate slabs be protected October 2015 DM3

Europe; Are your trade marks In or Out? 

Distinguishing Marks Europe Are your trade marks In or Out October 2015 DM

Lego Protected Shapes

Distinguishing Marks Lego Protected Shapes October 2015 DM

Inconspicuous Consumption?

Distinguishing Marks Inconspicuous consumption October 2015 DM2


November 2014

Farewell to the CTM

Stephen Kinsey discusses the end of the “Community Trade Mark” and the rise of the “European Union Trade Mark”

Farewell to the CTM Distinguishing Marks DM3 2014

Trade Marks in a “Colour- ful” mess?

Sarah Talland explains the possible issues for Trade Mark owners concerning black and white marks and the range of approaches to colour marks.

Trade Marks in a colour-ful mess Distinguishing Marks DM3 1 2014

Trade Marks with “indefinite lives”  

John Kennedy looks into brand value and brand valuation.

Trade Marks with indefinite lives Distinguishing Marks DM3 2014

Wildbore welcomes a “new” team member.

New Team Member ST DS 3 2014




May 2014

New Trade Mark Law in China – Are your Brands Protected?

Sarah Talland reviews the new laws and challenges for Brands in the Chinese market place.

Protecting your Brands in China Newsletter article May 2014

New GLTDs for the world of the web

Frances Harding gives you an update on the world of gTLDs.


Are your Designs protected? 

Stephen Kinsey reviews the first 10 years of Registered Designs.

Registered Designs-April 2014

Brands and trade marks need to stay relevant to their market or consumer – if they do not evolve they can perish!

John Kennedy offers his thoughts on trade mark evolution.

Trade Mark Evolution Part 1 Newsletter April 2014 PDF

A new HQ by the Barbican in London

New HQ near Barbican in London for Wildbore April 2014

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Distinguishing Marks – The Wildbore & Gibbons LLP Newsletter

November 2013

Working with Wildbore – The Wildbore Advantage

Working with Wildbore

November 2013 The Trade Mark Clearinghouse.

The Trade Mark Clearinghouse OYM October 2013

November 2013 Family Matters.

Family Matters On Your Marks October 2013

November 2013 Dog Eat Dog.

50-Dog Eat Dog-29Apr13 On Your Marks November 2013